Water is essential for all life, but access to water varies greatly across the globe. Water is abundant in some places, but very scarce in others. Sufficient water for everyone will be a critical challenge of the 21st century in a world with an ever growing population, increasing per capita income and consumption, and a changing climate that has profound implications for the water cycle. Tackling water issues will also be a multi-disciplinary task, since water touches all aspects of our lives. It plays a key role in food production, electricity generation, recreation, environmental sustainability, etc.

The World Water Day Symposia (WWDS) at the University of Virginia will bring together multiple disciplines within the academic community, water professionals, and public interest around national and international water challenges which we all face.

The UVa World Water Day Symposium is supported by:

The Office of the Vice President for Research

Center for Global Health

Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation

Department of Environmental Sciences

The Darden School of Business Institute for Business in Society

Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life

Friday, March 21 – World Water Day Symposium at the University of Virginia is about the challenges, actions, and global importance of sustainable water and energy practices.


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